November 19, 2010

Monty Python Enters the 21st Century of Social Gaming on Facebook

Ok, as if I wasn't already addicted to Facebook enough, it now appears Zattikka has acquired the license to launch a social game based on the characters of Monty Python. Reportedly, the Pythons, especially Terry Gilliam, whose iconic, surrealist art style is the hallmark of the Monty Python visual style, have been "involved in the process." Whatever that means. Further details on the new Monty Python social game are said to be announced in early December at a press event. I think this is likely to be a love-it or hate-it thing with Monty Python fans. I smell skepticism....

Tim Chaney, CEO of Zattikka, had this to say:

“Monty Python is one of the most iconic comedy licenses around, but there has been no new material for over 20 years. By acquiring these rights we will be transporting Monty Python into the 21st Century, with a totally new experience for their unique comedy that will delight old and new fans alike. Forget Web 2.0, this is Python two point one and three quarters.”


  1. I hope it's a role play type of game.

  2. All right. Account fore a few more months. (Not much)

  3. cautiously optimisticNovember 19, 2010

    there better be spam

  4. Growing shrubberies with spam fertilizer.