March 11, 2011

The Wholly Family: A Dreamlike Journey Between Reality and Imagination

Thanks once again to Amalia at Pasta Garofalo for keeping us informed with the latest details on Terry Gilliam's new short THE WHOLLY FAMILY. In the last few years, Garofalo has produced a number of short films that have received great accolades, including the directorial debut of actress Valeria Golino (Rain Man, Four Rooms, Alive), ARMANDINO E IL MADRE, which was presented at the New York City International Film Festival, and at the Ischia and Montecatini film festivals. Check out previous years' short films at Garofalo Firma il Cinema.

With Gilliam helming the reins, Pecorini behind the camera, and Garofalo producing, I think we can expect THE WHOLLY FAMILY to be an honest-to-goodness work of art in pure Gilliam-style. Bring it on, Gilly!

More of the deets and a bit of a plot teaser.......



Directed by 
Terry Gilliam


  1. Thanks for sharing RGF! And thanks to Amalia too :)

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