January 19, 2012

Details on The Wholly Family Screening, Live Q&A, and Meet Terry Gilliam Contest

Hi kids. If the previous post was confusing, I'm here to clear a few things up for you!


1) On January 23rd, the interview with Peter Bradshaw will be liveblogged at 19:00 (7pm) GMT from --> This Page <--

2) Then at 19:45 (7:45pm) GMT, The Wholly Family will screen (in English as it was filmed)
via the Distrify Player on --> This Page <-- for the low, low price of only £1.99/$2.99. You can pre-order now, and if you'd like to contribute to paying off my student loans, feel free to pre-order via my affiliate link, from this player:

3) Following the screening, you can participate in the online Q&A by registering in advance for a user account with the Guardian. Users can participate via the comments section on the Guardian site.


Please note, as this was not clear in my original post, but has since been updated,
this is NOT a video contest. It is an image contest.

"For your chance to win, you simply need to recreate your favourite scene from a Terry Gilliam film. You can be as creative as you like - photos in your living room, digital artwork, sketches, paintings, cartoons, plasticine models or Lego constructions."

Full contest rules available --> HERE. <-- Closing date: 9am, Friday 20 January 2012

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  1. He didn't really answer too many of the online questions, maybe one or two. Most of them were in house questions..oh well :/